Friday, March 6, 2009

Using Your Mental Energy to the Fullest

Just a quick post to encourage everyone to really pay attention to the nature of their thoughts. It is very easy in a time of uncertainty and frustration to become focused on external ideas and have those literally "fill our minds". One of the awesome things about our brains is that they will respond to direction and can become very powerful tools in helping us be more productive and happy.

Decide to select out ideas that are positive, productive, and purposeful. There are many things going on in the world right now and while it is important to be informed and involved it is also important to hold on to a comprehensive picture of our world which includes many good things. It is our positive focus that gives us the energy and determination to deal with the negative forces in our lives.

Remember whatever you pay attention to is what you will become. You are a sum total of your thoughts. Whatever cognitions you allow to rest in your mind trigger your feelings and behavior. You can't focus on doom and gloom and feel good. Unfortunately, for most of us it is easier to flow to a place of negativity and anxiety. That is where overriding your natural impulse by consciously deciding to put different thoughts in your mind can lead you to very different results. Choosing to be mindful will definitely improve your life experience and your mental health! As my niece once said, think about "rainbows and ponies" and while that may seem silly there was a lot of wisdom in that idea. By the way yesterday I really did notice two rainbows during an otherwise very stressful day. I'm sure glad my niece had planted that idea in the garden of my mind. Take time to plant some other good thoughts for others and yourselves.