Saturday, November 1, 2008

Go Straight(Excuse the pun) to the Source

Very few people have actually read the studies that started the whole push for equal rights. I cannot provide links to these studies, they are copyrighted, but I can list the references so that you can look them up yourself.

1. LeVay, Simon, "A Difference in Hypothalamic Structure Between Heterosexual and Homosexual Men, Science, Volume 253: 1034-1037

2. Hamer, Dean, Hu, Stella et al. "A Linkage Between DNA Markers on the X Chromosome and Male Sexual Orientation", Science, Volume 261, July 16, 1993: 321-327.

3. Bailey, J.M. and Pillard, R.C. "A genetic study of male sexual orientation", American Journal of Psychiatry,150(2):272-277, 1993.

The first two studies have not been replicated and have serious methodological flaws. There is another gene study that is supposed to come out this year. The third researcher, Dr. Bailey was indicted for engaging in fraud and so his research has been questioned but again not by anyone outside of scientific circles. There are additional twin studies but they found lower than the 50% that Bailey found of identical twins exhibiting same gender attraction. Still only half of identical twins shared a homosexual attraction indicating that there is something else going on in the expression of same gender behavior.

There are a few organizations and or scientists who have been brave enough to present other interpretations for the data being reported by the mainstream media.

The first and third articles listed on the side bar are by Dr. Jeffrey Satinover and provide an easy to read explanation of genetic research.

Here is an additional link of a video showing three marriage and family researchers discussing concerns regarding same gender marriage.

Listed below are three organizations dedicated to helping individuals and families dealing with same gender issues. They are excellent resources of information, research, treatment options, support groups, etc.

One last article on a different way to view the data .

Byne, Willliam. "Why We Cannot Conclude That Sexual Orientation Is Primarily a Biological Phenomonen", Journal of Homosexuality, Vol.34(1);73-80,1997.

Happy reading and viewing!


Spiker said...

I do not pretend to be an expert on this matter but I lean towards the idea that at least some homosexuals are same sex inclined from birth. I have known several people, boys and girls, that looking back were obviously gay from the time they were small children. A friend I grew up with was always a 'tom boy'. She dressed like a boy, walked like a boy, spoke like a boy etc... when I asked a mutual friend how she was after years(20) of not seeing her I was not at all surprised to hear she had come out of the closet. Looking back I don't know how I didn't pick up on 20, 30 or even 35 years ago. My kids would certainly have picked up on it! Anyway, while I agree that some may be a product of environment, I believe some are genetically inclined. And does it really matter from a tolerance, acceptance and love stand point? By the time we know that they are gay, no matter the reason, we are commanded to love and not judge. I am just grateful I nor anyone in my immediate family do not struggle with same sex attraction. It would be a terrible and heart wrenching trial to deal with!

Julann Nickolaisen, LCSW said...

You raise an excellent point. What your friend demonstrated early on is what is called gender identity disorder-where you identify more with the opposite gender. These children are much more likely to then identify as being gay or lesbian because our culture has put such a heavy emphasis that there is no distinction between gender identity and gender attraction. Also, there is profound pressure to identify as being gay or lesbian if you have ever had any homosexual thoughts or feelings, any homosexual experiences, or were sexually assaulted by someone of your same gender. I think it is most accurate to say that most people who experience same gender behavior have some genetic or biological basis to their feelings and that they also have had life experiences which have somehow reinforced or shaped them into a full fledged attraction. Male and female homosexuality are very different. I think there are very few women who have as strong a sexual attraction to their same gender as their are men who do-part of that is due to the strength of their sex drive. I am going to write more about sexual development in an upcoming blog.

As to whether or not it matters. I think it does harm on a number of different levels and primarily to the individual themselves to embrace that lifestyle. I don't think it is who they really are. That would be analgous to saying that people who are depressed or anxious or are attracted to children, who also have all had those feelings for as long as they remember, they too have thought and felt differently than other people, should just go ahead and act on those feelings. Good mental health does not come from acting on your feelings-it comes from learning to manage and mindfully choose the best way of being. There is not any aspect of your thinking, feeling or doing that you do not have the power to influence or change. That is what we call being civilized. Some things should be represeed or redirected. People that choose a same gender liestyle are at greatere risk for substance abuse, anxiety, depression, domestic abuse, promiscuity, poor physical health, lower rates of reported happiness. Why would we encourage people to live in a way that minimizes their being? People need to take more responsibility for who they are and excercise their ability to choose. Research in neuroscience provides very encouraging evidence for our ability to change. Unfortunately, the "gay" movement has put tremendous pressure on anyone that seeks to alter their behavior which is very concerning. I have never thought that the goal of the gay movement was to do what was best for individuals or society. I believe the goal is to tear down all boundaries regarding sexual behavior. That is why they have allied themselves with bisexuals, transgenders and who knows what is next. People have been lulled into a false sense about these issues. It is not the nice gay couple living next door that is controlling the gay agenda-it is a group of very distorted, angry radicals that we are allowing to define social mores. What are we thinking. Everything they are doing is based on their wants and not on what is good or productive. Isn't that what we teach our children-that sometimes they can't have what they want but it should have other motives-like what is best, or what is good for everyone.
Same gender attraction is a tough issue to deal with, and there are a lot of compassionate organizations and churches that truly have their best interests at heart-the LDS church, the Catholic church both have social service agencies that provide support, and I also listed three other organizations dedicated to working with individuals who have same gender attraction-all three are excellent.
So remember yu are not gay or not gay, you are male or female and have same gender attraction which you are not stuck with-it is not a condition, just like you are not stuck with depresssion or anxiety or pedophilia for that matter.
Thank you for taking the time to write and doing so in a nice way.

cji said...

Hi - what a great site!! You've done your homework and in doing so will get the ire of those who are the followers of peers and media. Each has to do their own homework. Obviously you've no way to contact you directly - but would like to write to you - you can verify who I am by a simple search using; Chuck Ingerson - Old Rusty Knight and a web site Whispers of the Spirit. chuck ingerson - (have been writing for over 55 years)

Tricia said...

Thanks Julanne! I totally admire your intelligence. It's so nice to read about this subject from somewhere other than the "mainstream" media (who seem to have an agenda and don't even try to hide it!). Also, great pun, ha!

the organic kitchen said...

Wow I did not expect a response but I am so glad you did respond! I have never thought about several of the points you raise! I hope you don't mind that I have you linked to my blog! I look forward to reading more.