Saturday, June 13, 2009

What Is Homosexuality?

Is it a condition? Is it a learned behavior? Is it some combination of the two? No one knows for sure. So why are we spending so much time and energy arguing about undoing a major tenet of society by redefining marriage when we don't even know what it means to be "gay"? Where is the dialogue about how to define same gender attraction? Where is the caution that causes us to hesitate to impact all other life forms by changing their environment and yet we are ready to run pell mell into the unknown about homosexuality with little or no analysis? Should homosexuality have more power and influence in our society than heterosexuality? Are we seriously going to grant special privileges and status to something with no proven benefit to mankind? In what way does living a homosexual lifestyle benefit individuals, couples, families, communities, our country or the world?

No one is asking questions-at least not that are ever publicized. To live a life defined as "gay" or "lesbian" rather than being freeing in all actuality will be limiting. You will no longer be free to choose to alter if you are attracted to your same gender. Already we cannot openly disagree with anything other than what the Gay and Lesbian lobby believe. And does the handful of people who respresnt the gay lobby speak for everyone with same gender attraction or behavior?Apparently, only people with same gender attraction are allowed to have opinions on sexuality or to make decisions about sexuality. Heterosexuals are apparently less enlightened. The lack of serious analysis and logic is very disturbing and I hope that as reasonable adults we will sit back and be critical thinkers. We have rushed to judgement and have reached a very illogical conclusion. Gay marriage has nothing to do with equal rights, or fairness or kindness or love. It has to do with wants, self absorption, emotional reasoning and

Have people with same gender attraction been treated poorly in the past? Yes. Was homosexuality misunderstood in the past? Yes. But in our attempts to correct these ills we have swung in an even more damaging direction. We still don't understand homosexuality and now we are treating a different group of people with unfair judgement and ridicule. So while we may feel that we have progressed I fear that overall we have regressed and caused harm to an even greater number of people both "gay" and straight.

Americans have gone into a trance and are passively accepting and or being bullied into something that makes zero sense when you pull back and look at the big picture. Nature(life) is all about male and female-opposites. Nature(life) is all about reproduction. Nature(life) is about not just surviving but progressing. Same gender attraction negates all three of these key components of our existence. You cannot progress when you remove the Yin from the Yang and society will cease to exist when your remove reproduction from sexual expression. Men acting like women and women acting like men with no investment in the future or no willingness to sacrifice-which is what parenting entails have no positive end. Same gender relationships may exist for the moment and they may feel good but they have no lasting purpose. There is no continuity between the past, present and future. Same gender relationships exist only for the present.

There was a reason why people had homophobia-not to be judgemental but because it was a warning of something that was not ideal. Poison oak has pretty leaves but that doesn't mean you should touch it. Most of our prejudices and biases have an element of truth in them. Let us be mindful of what those original hesitations were and combine them with compassion, understanding and patience but not acceptance of things that we know on some level are not best for anyone.


The More the Merrier said...

You are extremely eloquent and dead-on to boot. Right on!

Aria Bethards said...

Thanks for sharing such wise words. I totally agree -I just wish I were better at wording it! I like how you said we should be compassionate, but we shouldn't feel that we have to accept this. I love reading your blog -such wonderful insights!